The one where I showcased a videochat app

A short talk about a simple React app in TypeScript using OpenVidu platform to handle the teleconference features.

JavaScript Runtime Environment: Web API, Task Queue and Event Loop

I used to think that I knew the gist of how JavaScript works under the hood. Oh, how mistaken was I.

The one where I showed how to build a digital second brain

The important difference between information and knowledge.

JavaScript Runtime Environment: JavaScript Engine

I used to code without the basic understanding of what happens under the hood. It's time for a change.

The one where I talked about Hasura GraphQL Server

So I did it again and performed at the WarsawJS online meetup. This time I showcased a simple movie app utilizing Hasura . Thankfully I refrained from live-coding, which resulted in a moderately successful performance.

Getting invited to a technical interview

Or how to get your foot in the door and pass that first filter!

The one where I set up a blog and failed at live-coding

Here's a video of me showing the Warsaw's JavaScript community how to start blogging with your own blog using Gridsome.

Yet another list of free productivity tools

Stuff gets done when you work efficiently and remember about things. Those apps do exactly that.

You need these Visual Studio Code extensions!

"Batteries included" isn't the expression VS Code is known for. Here's how to have the best developer experience.

The one where I talked about the Composition API

Refactoring Vue.js 2.0 to (almost) 3.0 using @vue/composition-api plugin

Resources for beginner developers

Strongly opinionated list of FREE resources a beginner web developer could ever need.

Generate social media images in Gridsome

Automatically generate social media images for your Gridsome blog

GraphQL in Gridsome using Hasura

Pull GraphQL schemas to Gridsome from Hasura Postgres database

Netlify Functions with npm packages

How to write serverless functions with npm packages without committing node_modules

Nuxt.js app with Hasura GraphQL Engine

Connect Postgres database with a Nuxt.js app using GraphQL server from Hasura

Sending emails using Netlify Functions and Sendgrid

Start sending email form your website using serverless functions and Sendgrid

Email subscription using Netlify Functions and ConvertKit

Collect email addresses using serverless functions and ConvertKit

Setting up a blog with Gridsome and Netlify CMS

A step-by-step guide to create your own blogging platform from scratch

Old man’s guide to rebranding

Or how to fail at coding interviews and question your life choices